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Sep 29, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a suit or why as governor romney wearing jeans? i had a candidate who was known for wearing gucci loafers. that is the only example i can think of. >> jimmy carter wore the blue jeans. but nothing like what women go through. since kathleen sebelius told of the debate and that ap writer talk about the color of the toenail polish. this was the lead. if you remember when michelle bachmann was running there were photographs of the fat -- french nails if it was appropriate the way they were shaped. then nancy pelosi when she first became speaker there resists series of snapshots wearing pearls. nobody has ever done six types of necktie is. but what you wear can send a message but four men there quickly pushed aside. more casual or uptight but dianne feinstein has fine fashion taste early in her career headed tough time to get people to think she had any understanding of the problems of sand princess go because her attire screamed she was from a wealthy part of the city. heard tire was sending a message. >> what are the other key differences women face other than men? >> there are so many. [lau
Oct 7, 2012 7:45am EDT
a single time somebody saying them what is the president not wearing a suit today, or why is governor romney wearing jeans today instead of wearing a suit. i had a candidate once who was noted for wearing gucci loafers, and that did make the media, but that's the only example i can think of. >> jimmy carter with his cardigans. if remember those of you who are old enough, and blue jeans, there was some criticism but nothing like what women go through. we had some examples in the book, for instance, kathleen sebelius told a story about being in the first debate when she's running for governor the first time, and she had on some peak coaches and ap right was a very good political writer, talked about the color of her toenail polish. this is like healthy thing that she had shown up and he was describing what she was wearing them and then if you remember when michele bachmann was one, there were photographs of for french meals and whether or not these were appropriate for someone running for president, with the way they were shaped and the french meals were appropriate. and nancy pelosi, w
Oct 7, 2012 9:45am EDT
think i support prime minister netanyahu. when i've been asked to a support, governor romney, president of thomas and i said we have enough politics without the two of them. but i can tell you one thing, that when i was prime minister many years ago, he's holding in politics we have a peer made. everybody wants to move out. so every member of knesset wants to be minister and every minister has minister. so i'm working my way up. thank you. >> of i.t. thank you for coming in giving this great speech. i am curious though, not about to save israel was to attack uranium reactors tomorrow. i'm not curious about the day after. i'm curious about five, 10 years down the road. the contract would israel be engaged in it doesn't take away the reactors. it takes out the material already there. i don't want to live at the nuclear iran, but i don't know how one strike or two or three would be less upset. it seems was the cat is out of the bag, it is out of the bag. they thank you. >> i cannot go into the details of the attack, but the message is very important that the message of israel or jews shoul
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3